Can a disabled person operate a forklift truck?
Having a disability does not necessarily mean you cannot operate a forklift truck.

We were recently asked by one of our customers if one of their employees, who has a slight disability, would be able to operate a forklift truck.


The advice from the HSE’s Approved Code of Practice is as follows:


“People with disabilities do not need to be excluded from work with lift trucks and may have developed skills which compensate for their disability. You should obtain medical advice about their suitability for the particular work they will be required to do. Reasonable adjustments may be required to enable some disabled people to work as lift-truck operators. The Equality Act 2010 is likely to apply”


However, employers should carefully consider the type of disability and how this might possibly affect the operator’s ability to use a lift truck safely in the workplace.  Considerations should be made on an individual basis and, if in any doubt, we suggest advice is sought from HSE


We would also be happy to do a short assessment on the individual to ascertain whether they are suitable for forklift training.  Contact Anne or Nick at Stackers Training on 0800 024 8084 or e-mail


8 Aug 2018

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