Fork Lift Truck Training

Different types of forklifts we offer training on are:

Reach forklifttrucks are a common type used in most industrial sectors. Available in specialist models, this forklift variety has helped in the utilisation of space, thus reducing cost for businesses everywhere.

Counterbalanceis the most widely used forklift truck in operation. Available in different ranges, the counterbalance forklift truck has become a synonym to those familiar with storage & warehouse industry.

Pedestrian Stacker: these are designed for those with not much space available but can still be used in a racking system.  These can be very dangerous pieces of equipment if not used correctly so it is essential to undergo proper training.

Scissor Lift: this is a platform lift designed to gain access to high areas for building construction and maintenance, etc.

Rough Terrain Telescopicknown for its ability to operate on uneven ground where other forklift types would be unable to operate. Commonly used on building sites. Telescopic forklift operation requires specialist training.

Cherry Picker: this is a lifting platform to allow access to high areas within buildings, etc.  It also has the ability to outreach rather than just going up and down vertically.  These machines have many uses throughout the manufacturing and building industries.

Multi Directional Truck: these machines have the ability to drive in 4 different directions and are exceptionally good for carrying long loads through narrow spaces.

Pivot Steer: Commonly known as Bendi, Flexi or Aisle Master, the pivot forklift has an unique design which allows the truck to stack full pallets in narrow aisles. This reduces costs and helps in maximising available storage space.

Order Picker: this machine can be used in very narrow aisles and will usually have forks and a stand on platform for the operator.  It will lift the operator up to various heights in the racking to enable them to pick from pallets.

Very Narrow Aisle: a specialist truck for operating in very narrow aisle racking.  These trucks can be operated either from a driving position on the ground or some trucks will lift the operator up to various heights to enable them to see clearly the loads they are picking from the racking.

Training Courses

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