Company fined £533,000 after worker seriously injured by a reversing forklift truck

A Company has recently been fined over £533,000 plus further costs after an employee was seriously injured when he was struck by a forklift truck.


The worker was walking across the depot when he was struck by a reversing forklift truck.  The worker was trapped on the ground and had to be freed by colleagues using a pallet truck.  He suffered serious fractures and was off work for several months.


The HSE stated that there was inadequate segregation of forklifts and pedestrians within the workplace.


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As outlined in a previous blog article, the HSE’s approved code of Practice and Guidance provides the following advice regarding pedestrians in the workplace:

  • Where possible, prohibit pedestrians from areas where lift trucks are operating and only allow access to those who operate trucks or other equipment, or supervisors.  If this is not possible, assess the risks to pedestrians and, where necessary, provide ways to adequately control the risks:
  • separate pedestrian activities from areas where lift trucks are operating, where reasonably practicable. Use a physical barrier where possible;
  • define, designate and clearly mark pedestrian routes and crossing places;
  • provide sufficient clear and unambiguous warning signs to inform people that trucks operate in the premises or area;
  • display notices instructing lift-truck operators to sound horns at appropriate locations.  All warning and safety signs should conform to the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996.

For further advice on how to segregate pedestrians and forklift trucks in the workplace, please call Stackers Training on 0800 024 8084.


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