Don’t forget training on pallet trucks

Operating a pallet truck may seem a fairly straightforward task to some people but accidents do happen.  Aldi Stores Ltd were fined £1 million with further costs of £70,000 after a delivery driver received severe injuries to his foot whilst operating an electric pallet truck.


A spokesperson said: “Aldi relied on new drivers shadowing other drivers before they started working alone and did not have in place a standardised training programme to make sure drivers had the necessary skills to operate equipment.  Although the injured party has returned to work for Aldi, his injuries have left him with pain that will have repercussions in years to come and can be considered life-changing.”


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Stackers Training can provide training on pallet trucks and pedestrian stackers.  There are three types of trucks as follows:

  • Low level:  moves pallets at ground level.
  • Medium level:  stacks pallets to eye level.
  • High level: stacks pallets to above eye level.

The training on the pallet truck/pedestrian stacker will cover the following:

  • Daily inspections
  • Component parts
  • The main duties of the operator
  • Safe operation

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