Is your load safe?

Two company owners have been given suspended sentences after a worker was hit by building supplies which fell from a forklift truck.

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The following guidelines should be followed in respect of loads:



  • Understand your truck’s load plate and lifting capacity.
  • Ensure there is enough space to operate the truck with a load and don’t forget to check for overhead obstructions.
  • Lift and lower loads smoothly and at an appropriate speed.
  • Use suitable attachments for lifting unusual or wide loads and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Ensure you are properly trained, competent and authorised to operate the lift truck with the attachment being used.


  • Lift loads greater than the capacity of the lift truck.
  • Move a load that appears unsuitable or unstable (including on a damaged pallet).
  • Travel with a bulky load which blocks your view.
  • Travel with a raised load, unless the lift truck is designed for this.
  • Use an attachment unless an authorised dealer or manufacturer has derated the lift truck (reduced the actual capacity) to ensure the lift truck operates within its safe working parameters.

If you need any advice about the lifting capacity of your truck, please call Stackers Training on 0800 024 8084.


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