Lithium-Ion – the New Clean Energy?

Jungheinrich are developing a new outdoors truck, code named the P30i.  This is a high voltage electric forklift truck in the shell of a diesel truck.  The P30i is the first lithium-ion truck with the power and driving ability of a combustion engine truck.


Compared with a diesel truck, the P30i does not emit any exhaust gases.  Soot and fine dust pollution are therefore a thing of the past.  Calculated over it’s entire service life the P30i saves around 50% of CO2 compared to a combustion engine in today’s European power mix.


The Lithium-ion battery of the P30i relies on iron phosphate as the cell chemistry and deliberately dispenses with the use of the controversial raw material cobalt (the lithium-ion cobalt batteries were known to overheat and combust).


The advantage of this new battery technology, although more expensive than traditional lead acid batteries, is faster charging times, intermediate charging as fast as re-fuelling, sustained power for up to 3 shifts and no maintenance (topping the battery up with water).


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