Operating forklifts in wintry weather

As we enter January, we thought we would remind you about how best to prepare your forklifts for operating in wintry weather:

  • Ensure that forklifts are serviced regularly otherwise the cold and wet weather could lead to increased component failures. Batteries, hydraulics and electrical systems become ever more important and engines need protection from cold weather.
  • Ice or rain may create slippery surfaces outside so training drivers to be more cautious with their speed and supervision where necessary will help to reduce some safety risks.
  • If a forklift operates in a muddy environment, it is important to regularly clean the equipment to prevent parts becoming blocked or clogged.
  • Check the condition of the forklift’s tyres to ensure traction and stability in icy, wet conditions. Gritting yard areas in the snow and freezing conditions will help to maintain traction.
  • Ensure forklift drivers are doing their daily checks.
  • Ensure there is a reliable, experienced forklift service provider looking after your trucks who can provide you with efficient support 24 hours a day in any weather.
  • Check the security and stock level of the truck’s fuel supply in case supply is delayed or restricted due to snow.

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