QR Code on RTITB Certificates and Photo ID Cards

For those people who have recently received an RTITB (Road Transport Industry Training Board) Certificate or photo ID card, you may have noticed the QR code on the certificate and ID card.


This is very useful in terms of verifying training qualifications quickly and easily.  All you need to do is download a free QR scanner app on your phone or tablet (you can find out which ones are free using google).  Once installed, you can then line up the QR code in the camera of your device and press scan.


Once it’s read the QR code, it will take you to RTITB’s site and will confirm the following information:

  • Registration number of operator
  • Name of operator
  • Courses undertaken and dates of training

You can also click on the courses and find out further information such as number of hours trained, make and model of truck, ABA category, energy source, etc.


This will be extremely useful for employers to verify qualifications and highlight when refresher training is required.


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