Stay Safe on Foot around Forklifts

Recent statistics show that 40 percent of incidents involving a forklift are impacts with a third person. These accidents have devastating and life-changing impacts. In this article we share top tips on how to keep pedestrians safe, including a free downloadable poster.


Separation is the best policy

The simplest and best advice is keep well away from forklifts. Don’t enter an area where they are working unless it is essential, and you are authorised to do so (i.e. no taking shortcuts).


If you need to be in an area where forklifts are working use segregated walkways. These should be protected by barriers or clearly highlighted with floor markings.


Don’t take chances

Never take a ride as a passenger on a forklift and never allow yourself to be lifted on a pallet or on the forks.


Avoid, at all costs, the impulse to try to steady a load that is slipping off the forks and never climb on the back of a forklift to stop it tipping because the load is too heavy. People are regularly killed trying to ‘help’ in this way.


Approach with caution

Always remember, it’s much easier for you to spot a forklift than it is for the operator to spot you. So, where it’s provided, wear hi-vis clothing.


Importantly, when a forklift is coming towards you, stop and make sure the operator has seen you. Make – and maintain – eye contact with the operator until you or the truck have moved safely away. If you need to approach the truck, only do so when it has come to a complete stop – and then, only ever approach from the side (not the front or back).


To help everyone stay safe around forklifts, Mitsubishi have created a poster with their top 10 tips that you can print and display in your workplace (click on the link below).


Stay Safe on Foot around Forklifts



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