Telescopic Training


Yesterday, James, one of our instructors, was out in the sunshine training on this telescopic truck in Buckinghamshire.  Although, we do not have a telescopic truck at our training centre, we can still provide training on customer’s sites.


Telescopic handlers can be used on all types of terrains, making them extremely useful on construction sites or farms, where the ground is often rough and uneven.


In the construction sector, telescopic handlers are invaluable and are used for a wide range of jobs. They can be used to lift construction materials such as concrete blocks/mortar, etc onto scaffolding.  With the bucket attachment fitted they can also move large loads of sand, soil and aggregates.


Telescopic handlers are frequently used within agriculture because they can easily be manoeuvred around farms and can be used for a number of tasks, both outdoors and indoors. With their variable 4 way steering, telescopic handlers can manoeuvre within small spaces, meaning they can be used inside a barn and can travel up and down livestock rows with ease. They are great for moving hay bales and handling heavy bucketloads.


In the industrial sector, telescopic handlers are most frequently used to quickly and easily shift cargo and heavy goods from one place to another.


We provide RTITB accredited telescopic training and we can also supply an RTITB photo ID card (as well as certification) if required. Please call us on 0800 024 8084 for further information on telescopic training.


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