The sun has got his hat on, have you?

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One question that frequently arises is when should a forklift operator wear a hard hat. In most cases the operator is protected from large falling objects such as pallets or loads by the overhead guard but if carrying small objects which could possibly fall through the guard it is advisable for the operator to wear a hard hat.


Hard Hats should:

  • Be in good condition. If it’s damaged, throw it away
  • Fit the person wearing it and be worn properly
  • Not prevent the wearing of hearing protectors as well (when needed)
  • Only be obtained from a reputable supplier – there are fake hard hats on the market

The shell of a hard hat can be damaged or weakened if not looked after.

For example:

  • Objects fall onto it
  • It strikes against a fixed object
  • It receives a severe impact
  • Deep scratches occur
  • It is sprayed with chemicals or solvent based paint

Inspect a hard hat and adjust it to fit you properly before each use.


Hard hats can be purchased from many reputable suppliers and all should conform to European Safety Standards to give you the protection you need.

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