Watch your toes!

Forklift trucks and pedestrians need to be separated wherever possible ie, designated walkways and designated forklift operating areas. Forklift operators are always told to be aware of pedestrians but, in the same instance, pedestrians need to be aware of forklift trucks.

Ideally pedestrians should wear hi vis vests and safety boots but a lot of incidents will occur when a forklift is entering/exiting an aisle where pedestrians are working or when a pedestrian enters an aisle where forklifts are operating.
Forklift drivers should slow down in these areas, drive wide if possible to aid with vision and use their horn where appropriate.

Pedestrians should enter these areas with caution and should understand that they need to get the attention of the forklift driver so he/she is aware of their presence.

An unfortunate incident happened at Royal Mail where a workers foot was run over. Click here for the full article:

Safety boots

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