What does a novice course consist of?

In our last blog post we wrote about the types of job that you could do as a forklift driver.  We thought we would now provide an outline on what a novice course consists of:


Theory – trainees will be provided with a pre-course operators’ manual to read before the training takes place. The instructor will talk through the main points of the manual and trainees will have the opportunity to ask questions about anything that requires further clarification or explanation. During the theory session trainees will also be shown one or two videos and there will be a written test on the last day of the course.


Practical – the practical training will include an introduction to the lift truck, a pre-use inspection, demonstrations by the instructor and exercises for the trainees starting with basic steering exercises and progressing to stacking and de-stacking in a racking system.

Evaluation – the instructor will continually evaluate the trainees’ progress, making corrections and giving more practice as required.

On test day the trainees will take their theory test, complete a full pre-use inspection of the truck and complete a practical test of basic operating skills on the truck.


The RTITB (Road Transport Industry Training Board) have also posted a blog entitled “What to Expect on a Counterbalance Lift Truck Operator Course?” See link below for the full article.



According to RTITB figures, last year over 42,000 people completed and passed RTITB counterbalance lift truck courses, achieving their internationally recognised RTITB Certificate of Basic Training.


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