When can cages be used on Lift Trucks?

According to HSE “Working platforms or ‘cages’ on lift trucks are ‘non-integrated’, ie the lift-truck operator controls the movement of the truck including the cage. There are no controls in the cage to control the truck or cage movement.


The use of non-integrated platforms for planned work is not allowed as there is other purpose-built access equipment, such as the wide variety of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs), which are better suited to carrying out work at heights and are safer for the person using the platform. These are readily available for hire.


HSE Guidance Note PM28 ‘Working platforms (non-integrated) on forklift trucks ‘ gives advice on the use of these and clarifies what the law says. It sets out the current standard for use of non-integrated platforms, ie for ‘occasional unplanned use’ only.


PM28 also gives guidance on what ‘occasional unplanned use’ means. It clearly states that non-integrated platforms should only be used for work which is ‘exceptional’. Exceptional work would include unplanned work such as the changing of a single lightbulb as an emergency job. This definition does not include stocktaking or planned maintenance work such as cleaning the light fittings in a factory, window cleaning etc. For jobs like that a mobile elevated work platform (MEWP) with integral controls, such as a scissor lift, should be used.”


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