When is conversion training applicable?

Conversion training can be carried out when a trainee has already been qualified on one type of truck but needs training on another similar type (eg, rider operated).

For example, a trainee may already have been trained on the counterbalance truck but also needs to drive a reach truck.  Another example might be that a trainee is qualified on a multi directional truck and needs to drive a pivot steer truck.

Conversion training is a one day course for one trainee or two days for two/three trainees.   If we haven’t trained the candidate previously, we will need to see a copy of their certificate of training on the first truck for our audit purposes with RTITB (these can be e-mailed to us).

Trainees would not be able to convert from a Scissor Lift or Cherry Picker to a rider operated truck as there are not significant similarities in the skills and knowledge required to operate both machines.

There are many different scenarios and the RTITB has produced a guidance document for training providers so if you are unsure on the type of training you require, please contact us on 0800 024 8084 or e-mail anne@stackerstraining.co.uk.

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