Accidents Change Lives

forklift barrier


Accidents involving forklift trucks change the lives of hundreds of people each year.  Forklift trucks play a hugely important role in so many different industries.  They enable businesses to work productively and efficiently but if driven without proper care and attention these powerful machines can be very dangerous.  Injuries such as amputations and crush incidents are typical.  Most of these victims happen to be on foot at the time of the accident.


A company has been fined £300,000 following a forklift truck crush incident which has left a worker permanently disabled.  See link below for full story.


In our blog post “Watch your toes” (see link below) we highlighted the importance of keeping pedestrians and forklifts separated wherever possible.  Pedestrians also need to be very aware of the dangers of getting too close to a working forklift truck and ideally should catch the driver’s attention before approaching.

Watch your toes!

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