Farm Safety Week 2017

This is Farm Safety Week 2017 where farmers are urged to find and address risks to make their farms safer places to live and work.


Machinery and transport are one of the most common causes of serious injuries and deaths in agriculture.


Rough Terrain Telescopic trucks have been used for many years on farms and are very popular due to their ability to carry an assortment of loads via forks or bucket over muddy or uneven ground.


These trucks will have retractable stabilisers to ensure maximum stability when lifting loads above 9 or 10 metres. They also have the ability to steer with all 4 wheels enabling them to manoeuvre in relatively tight spaces. Some have the capacity to lift up to 4,000 kgs to a height of 20 metres.


Training on these trucks is essential for operators to understand how easily these trucks can fall over. Stackers Training can provide onsite training on rough terrain telescopic trucks.  For more information on training and course durations click on the link below:


If you are unsure of your requirements, please call Stackers Training on 0800 024 8084.


To emphasize the importance of correct training, carrying out risk assessments and putting in place safe working procedures, see the article on the link below.  A firm was fined £240,000 after a lorry driver was crushed to death when a two tonne fully loaded grain bin fell onto him from a forklift truck.


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