NORS Operator eCards

As you may already be aware, the RTITB stopped producing the physical photo ID cards in 2021 and replaced this with the eCard.  When booking your training course with us, you can request an RTITB eCard for a small additional cost.  Your instructor will take your photograph during the training which will be included on the eCard.

RTITB certificates are already included in the daily instructor rate.

To see an example of what the eCard looks like, click on the link below:

NORS-ID-Card-Sample-V6.0721.pdf (

The RTITB have produced this useful guide on how trainees can access their eCards.  As well as a ‘getting started’ document there are videos to show iPhone and Android users how to access their eCards.

Click on the links below or call us at Stackers Training on 0800 024 8084 for more information.

Operator-Guidance-V2.0422.pdf (

Multi Directional Reach Truck

We were visiting a customer’s site recently where they use multi directional reach trucks. These particular trucks are excellent for carrying long loads thanks to their electronically controlled all wheel steering. 

Dynamic Metals

Not only are they steerable in north/south and west/east direction but can also complete a full circle whilst remaining facing in north direction. 


These trucks are bigger than the average reach truck, having widened outriggers to allow the front wheels to turn through 360 degrees. 


Fork positioners are also fitted to hydraulically widen the forks to suit longer loads. 

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